Who’s “Right” on Crime?

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(Jonathan Simon) In his NYT column yesterday declaring the era of conservative dominance begun by Ronald Reagan to be over, Bill Kristol offered the following eulogy for that era:

“Conservatives have been right more often than not — and more often than liberals — about most of the important issues of the day: about Communism and jihadism, crime and welfare, education and the family. Conservative policies have on the whole worked — insofar as any set of policies can be said to “work” in the real world. Conservatives of the Reagan-Bush-Gingrich-Bush years have a fair amount to be proud of.”

I’m not sure exactly what Kristol means by being right about “crime” but if he is invoking the claim made by conservative politicians starting with Wallace, Nixon, and Reagan in ’68, that liberals were dangerously out of touch with voters concerns about crime I wish to dissent.  This claim is and was unfair to both liberal and conservatives.  Liberalism helped launch and sustain the war on crime, and conservatives do not deserve exclusive blame for the resulting hyper-extension of the worst kinds of “big government” carried out in its name.

The historical record shows that liberals saw early and with alarm that rising crime in the 1960s was a threat to their New Deal coalition based in the big metropolitan areas.  LBJ declared war on crime and launched a full scale presidential commission to explore its causes and solutions.  While he imagined the war to be a front in his war on poverty, he began the pattern of massive federal investment in state law enforcement that continued through the 1970s (ironically Reagan largely ended that flow, while investing in other strategies).

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